PAWLITICAL BREXIT DATA: Who’s the most stuffed?

PAWLITICAL BREXIT DATA: Who’s the most stuffed? Theresa, BoJo or Jezza?

Pet Hates Toys have mapped across the nation the popularity of their three original stuffed UK pet toys, with interesting results. As the dog toy battle intensifies, Theresa has ramped up sales in the past fortnight overtaking the usual leader Boris. Jeremy, much like his political career, has had mediocre success with the least units sold so far.

Looking at the maps below, demand for the Theresa toy, with 40% of sales, is spread the most evenly across the nation, however we do see a cluster of Scottish doggies enjoying her company. Boris sees a greater concentration in metropolitan areas, and the former London Mayor has truly fallen from grace within the capital’s dog kennels. Lastly, Jeremy is exceptionally popular in his home constituency. His constant sales across the South East of England has left many a Mancunian (Momentum) Greyhound furious.


Pet Hates Toys in Numbers

Breakdown of e-commerce sales in order of popularity: Theresa - 40% / Boris - 37% / Jeremy - 23%

Stocked in over 75 retail stores nationwide and across Europe.


Permissions are yet to be granted from Google for the use of maps

Percentage figures are taken from direct e-commerce orders and not stockists



Pet Hates Toys Across the Nation in Maps


Nationwide Theresa


London Theresa

Nationwide Jeremy

London Jeremy

Nationwide Boris


London Boris