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About Us

Definition of 'pet hate'

pet hate in British English (pɛt heɪt)

(US) pet peeve

Coming from the world of comedy, Pet Hates Toys were borne out of a desire to bring some good-old, sardonic British humour, to the relentless bad news of late. We strongly believe we all need a little silliness in our lives. Pet Hates Toys launched in August of 2018, run by one woman and one small, long dog.  We are based in London, and everything is designed in the UK.

Pet Hates Toys are very much design-led, and our parody pawlitical toys lend themselves to being a unique, comical, zeitgeist gift for a dog or cat owning friend, as much as they are a pet toy. 

A lot of thought has gone into their design, and as well as looking good, our customers tell us they're very durable. See our features VIDEO HERE. 

Watch this space for new characters!


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